Panchakarma Retreat In Kerala

Kerala is known for the land of Ayurveda and its treatments. Ayurveda is a combination of herbs and herb mineral meditations. Kerala Ayurveda has its own significance when compared with other treatments in India; treatments are mainly based on Prakrithi, Dosha and Pathya which eliminates the possibilities for the convalescence of diseases. That’s why Kerala Ayurveda won international recognition as a powerful method of treatment and fitness.

One of the most specialized therapies of Ayurveda is Panchakarma. Ayurveda panchakarma offers five therapeutic procedures which purify the entire body and mind viz Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Vasthi, and Raktamoskshana. Panchakarma in Kerala gained global recognition due to its high therapeutic potency. Which had lead to an interest in Ayurveda panchakarma all over the world? As a result, many ayurvedic resorts in Kerala are providing panchakarma treatments.

Svaztha Ayurveda Retreat is one of the famous Panchakarma Retreat in Kerala. Svaztha Ayurveda takes care of bringing back a person’s health to its optimum through authentic ayurvedic methods.


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